Finding Your Niché

Finding your niche

Understanding your target audience and defining your podcast’s theme and focus is crucial for creating content that resonates with your listeners.

QUICK TIP: An easy way to do this is by picking someone in your life that you know that your podcast will be of interest to. once you choose who that one person is, then write down as much detail about that person as possible i.e. name, age, marital status, dependants, how long is their drive to work, when would they most likely listen to podcasts. Once you have that person in mind, then every decision you make about the creation of your podcast from the artwork, through to the intro the duration and frequency of your podcast should be put through whether it would ad value to their lives.

However if you want to dive in deeper, set yourself up a checklist and start working on collecting this information.

Market Research: Conducting market research is like going on a first date with your audience. You want to get to know them, what they like, and what they don’t. So, ask them questions, pay attention to their responses, and try to make a good impression.

Demographic Analysis: Analysing demographic data is like going on a second date with your audience. You already know a little bit about them, now you want to find out what makes them unique. So, look at their stats, find out what they have in common, and make sure they’re not just using you for your good looks (your podcast’s good looks).

Social Media Engagement: Engaging with your potential listeners on social media is like hanging out with friends. You want to know what’s going on in their lives, what they’re interested in, and what they like to talk about. So, join the conversation, ask for their opinion, and make them laugh.

Identify Pain Points: Identifying your target audience’s pain points is like being their personal therapist. You want to help them with their problems, make their life easier, and make them feel better. So, listen to their problems, offer solutions, and be there for them when they need you.

Analyse Competitor Audiences: Analysing the audiences of successful podcasts in your niche is like studying your competition. You want to know what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and how you can do it better. So, listen to their podcasts, watch their metrics, and make sure you’re always one step ahead.